Alsi 5 ml, Karpura 5 mg, Pudina 5 mg, Sarla 8 mg, Gandhapura 8 ml, Nirgundi 2 ml , Malkangani 2 ml, Katuvera 0.25 ml, Til 60.750 ml, Butylated Hydroxytoluene 4 mg

Ortho–better oil is a medicated herbal oil, this pain relief Oil recipe is perfect for sore muscles and joints caused by exercise, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. Made using both Plants and Essential oil to help relax tight muscles, soothe pain,, and reduce inflammation of joints while improving blood circulation, channelizing the nerve ending, and giving muscular pain relief.
The ayurvedic formulation which widely utilized to get relief from joint pain from Vedic times. Ayurveda therapeutic massage can help knee pain by releasing the tension, reducing stress, and using oils chosen to match your dosha type. These oils help to relieve the inflammation around your knee and the massage increases circulation and supports your body's natural healing process
Each ingredient in this Ayurvedic preparation has been carefully selected for its physiological action on the body, and to help restore the body's natural state of health.
Our fast-paced lifestyle tends to overwhelm our joints and muscle cells, rendering them dysfunctional. Ortho – better oil easily penetrates the skin, delivering its medicinal properties to the muscle cells and joints in the body, making it flexible, strong, and healthy.
It is very beneficial in reducing swelling and inflammation. It brings instant relief and comfort to physical injuries. With growing age joints of the body start to weaken and ultimately may suffer from severe pain while our body makes movements. Ortho – better oil with a soothing and powerful blend of 9 herbal oils gives relief from joint pain, inflammation, soreness, and any other joint discomfort

  • Alsi: Anti – inflammatory properties and it reduce inflammation in joint.
  • Karpura: Natural painkiller and help stimulate blood circulation across stiff muscles
  • Pudina: Provide cooling sensation to body ad heal joint pain
  • Sarla: Provide relief from joint pain
  • Gandhapura: Helps relieve joint and muscle pain
  • Nirgundi: Provides relief from swelling, aches inflammation and pain in joints
  • Malkangani: Reduce the pain of muscles, joints and shoulder
  • Katuvera: Having anti-arthritic properties so helps in treating stiff joints also pain
  • Til: Having analgesic and anti – inflammatory properties. Heal both mild and severe pain
With excellent pain-relieving properties, our product helps get relief from problems like knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, elbow pain, back pain leg pain, and muscle pain.
Its strong analgesic, anti-arthritic, anti-inflammatory properties make it safe and effective in joint pain.

Useful in sandhishool and sandhishoth
It is indicated in arthritis, stiffness, swelling, musculoskeletal pain, sprains, spasms, and injury.
Sandhi shoola(joint pain): Pain originates predominantly from the joint capsule, which is abundantly supplied with pain fibers and is markedly sensitive to stretching or distension.
Sandhi shotha(joint swelling): Joint swelling in Rheumatoid arthritis is the result of the accumulation of synovial fluid, hypertrophy of synovium and thickening of the joint capsule.

  • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic
  • Lubricates joints
  • Imparts muscle tone and strengthens the Dhatus
  • Imparts a firmness to limbs
  • Stimulates circulation

Sufficient quantity is to be applied and massage on the affected part, 2 – 3 times a day.

No the side effect of ingredients reported so far

Store in a cool, dry, and dark place