Each 510 mg capsule contains dry Aq. extracts of:
Haldi-Curcuma longa-Rhizome-50 mg, Pushkarmool- Inula racemose-Root- 70 mg Dashmool-40 mg, Somlata-Epheddra Vuklgaris- Stem-40 mg Vasaka-Adhatodea vasica- Leaf-40 mg, Dalchini- Cinnamomus Zeylanicum-Bark-20 mg, Mishreya- Foeniculum Vulgare- Fruit-20mg Karkatshringhi-Pistachio integerrima- Gali- 20 mg, Giloy-Tinnospora cradifolia- Stem-20 mg, Trikatu-20 mg, Tulsi-Ocimum sanctum- Leaf- 15mg, Jeewanti-Leptadenia reticulata- Panchang-10 mg, Elaichi -Elettaria cardamomum- Fruit-10 mg, Nagarmotha-Cyperus rotundus- Root- 10 mg , Vavidang-Embelia ribes-Ruit-10 mg, Sounth-Zingiber offiuicinale- Rhizome-10 mg, Tejpatta-Cinnamomum Tamala- Leaf-5mg

Our Breathe free capsule naturally and effectively helps relieve shortness of breath, respiratory complications, coughing and in fever. It helps improve vital capacity, relieves congestion and promotes expectoration. Breathe free capsules also boost the immune system, especially as the cold and flu season goes on the attack and maintains body strength.

This product is the combination of many herbs which are useful to reduce ama (toxins) and other microbes that are responsible for causing fever and other infections. Breathe free capsule having strong antimicrobial, anti – inflammatory, anti - viral and antioxidant properties makes it safe and effective for cough and throat infection also.

Kasa(Cough)Swasa (maintains respiratory health), Balya (improves inner strength and immunity), Jwara (fever) cold, used in Dorbalya (Regulates immune Maintains body strength)

  • Helps in strengthening the immune system
  • Naturally relieves shortness of breath
  • Relieves coughing
  • Improves vital capacity
  • Promotes expectoration
  • Boosts your energy levels and helps you combat the weakness
  • Cough due to an allergic reaction and dry & productive cough.
  • It helps to relieve underlying symptoms of fever such as burning sensation, weakness, fatigue, chills and excessive sweating.
  • It is a very beneficial herb to relieve all types of high grade, low grade fever and other viral, bacterial infections.
  • This herb helps to prevent body from diseases and maintain overall health

1-2 capsule twice a day with water or as directed by the Physician

No known side effect of any herb or Extract used in this product reported till date, to be taken under medical supervision.

Store in a cool, dry & dark place.