Sarpagandha (Ghan Satva)-10 parts-7.02 mg, Khurasani Ajavain (Ghan Satva)-2 parts-1.40 mg, Jatamansi (Ghan Satva)-1 part-701.75 mg, Bhanga (Ghan Satva)-1 part-701.75 mg, Pippali Mool--1/5 part-175.43 mg

  • Cures hypertension and high blood pressure
  • Reserpine present in Sarpagandha helps to achieve this by lowering catecholamine levels in the androgenic nerves
  • Sarpagandha has tranquil properties and helps to cure insomnia
  • It directly acts on the nervous system and makes it calm to help the person go to sleep
  • Sarpagandha with its acidic smell can be helpful during abdominal pain or even as an appetizer for people with anorexia

Take 1 to 2 Sarpgandha Tablets (250 -750 mg) in the morning and evening or as directed by the physician.